Book Liam for bespoke professional drum recordings!

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Drop me a message in the contact form below and tell me about your new music project (feel free to send me your demos too!).


We can discuss the style, arrangement, kit sound and tuning, references, tempo/click track, etc and find out exactly what you need for us to achieve that golden take!

Pricing depends on what you require from me and we will also talk about this :)

You will receive professionally recorded drum multi-tracks from a highly experienced, dedicated and unique session drummer with great musicality, taste and open-mindedness.

I will record these from my home studio in Glasgow, Scotland; which is well equipped with high-end microphones, preamps and software. 

I also have an expansive collection of beautiful drums & cymbals, electronics and percussion that we can experiment with.

How will it work?

After we have discussed what you need for your music I will email over an initial take of your drum tracks for your own revision. I will then record the ACTUAL drum takes of your music with any ammendments until you are happy with your results! 


I love recording and can't wait to work with YOU.

Email me BELOW and lets get started!

Liam Chapman

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