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Istanbul Agop Endorsement!

MASSIVE NEWS! Deeply humbled and filled with joy, pride and excitement to announce that I am now an endorsee of @istanbulagopcymbals through my awesome new friends at @brdistribution! Thank you so much John & the team for your help, knowledge and enthusiasm!

They are absolutely beautiful - super thin, dynamic, dark, dry, colourful, complex, trashy and sensitive all in one! I tried out over 30 cymbals in the factory (...) and they are all so individually unique with the amount of hand hammering involved (chose between 3 types of the same ride model). Check out more about Agop Tomurcuk below (started making cymbals at 9 years old) legend!

My set up is a 22” Agop Signature ride, Agop Signature 20” crash, Agop Signature 16” hi-hats.

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