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Liam Chapman




Liam Chapman is a professional touring and studio session drummer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He is also a passionate and flexible music community workshop facilitator with an excellent work ethic. He currently plays drums with C Duncan, Andrew Wasylyk, BMX Bandits and produces his own original work under the  Whim with vocals & keys. He is proficient with a number of musical instruments, skilled in music composition and is experienced in both live and studio performance as well as teaching and sharing creativity.

Notable performances include...




I offer my profession in live drum performance. I am available to tour the UK, Europe, USA and beyond.


I am focused, motivated and love to think about every element of live performance and the show.


I am trained in piano and vocals & read music notation. I am also comfortable with click track, in-ear monitoring and experienced with SPD-SX.


I am easily excited about new music projects,  new people and I love to travel on tour!



I am available for session work in the studio as a drummer/percussionist.


Familiar with a wide range of styles from Pop / Rock / Indie / Samba / Afro-Beat / Calypso / Folk / Funk, I strive to bring creativity and solidarity to the music.


I am experienced with click track. Friendly, focused and relish in writing drum parts as a composition to compliment the music, dynamically and stylistically.


Drum tracking with Official Charts No. 1 producer Craig Potter (Elbow) at Blue Print Studios, Manchester Lauren Laverne's BBC Radio 6 show, London Roddy Hart's BBC at The Quay, Radio 1 Scotland



I lead many different music workshops, ranging from 0-5 years to school pupil and adult age groups.


I can facilitate both group and one-on-one sessions and accommodate for music health classes, people with learning disabilities, vulnerable teenagers, team-building and community events. 


I mainly teach with Brazilian drums and percussion, using rhythm and movement but also aim to encourage creativity where I can teach and develop songwriting for both groups and individuals. 


I'm also very flexible and inspired by new ideas so feel free to contact me to discuss a new project idea!  




words from collaborators

"joyful, creative and professional"

“ Working and playing with Liam is a very joyful, creative and professional experience. He has a very musical ear and a brilliant sense of time and rhythm; overall he's a wonderful and sensitive musician and a good human being also. Always well rehearsed before we've even got into the rehearsal room. Also has total capability to think on his toes and improvise along with songs that I throw at the band in spontaneity in a pressured performance environment. 

Rachel Sermanni

"impressive musical prowess"

“ I have worked with Liam on a number of occasions and it's always been seemless. Not only does Liam possess an impressive musical prowess, but also a highly affable nature. He is the ideal personality for a studio or workshop environment. In a place where high or low ego's can stifle the flow of creativity, Liam's lack of ego is most welcome!  Communicating ideas to Liam always feels effortless and attesting to his drumming expertise, they are executed with finesse. 

Jamie Savage (Chem19 Studios)

"positivity and excitement"

“ Liam Chapman is an exceptionally skilled drummer and instrumentalist, who brings about an air of positivity and excitement to all the projects he engages in. He is a talented leader & educator, as well as being a great team player, and his drumming has enhanced many projects that I've worked on. 

Julian Corrie

(Franz Ferdinand/Miaoux Miaoux)

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